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International Vacation Medical

Is your family covered for health care outside the U.S.?

International vacation medical offers affordable, comprehensive coverage for covered family members when traveling outside the U.S. It can supplement any coverage offered by your medical insurance carrier. Coverage also includes claims support, translation services, a direct bill payment option, and more.

Have an international trip(s) coming up? Click here to learn more or call GeoBlue at 1.844.358.7278 for additional information. You do not need to enroll for coverage during enrollment.

Paying for Coverage

You’ll pay by credit card only if you buy coverage.

Things to Consider

When deciding whether to buy international vacation medical coverage, be sure to consider the following:

Your Medical Coverage
First, check with your medical insurance carrier to see how they will cover you and your family when traveling internationally. If coverage is limited or unavailable, having international vacation medical coverage could give you peace of mind.

Your cost of coverage is based on age, length of stay, policy amount, and deductible selected.

Your Personal Situation
Do you or an eligible family member have an ongoing health condition or often require health care? If you answered “yes” and your medical carrier offers limited or no international coverage, having international vacation medical coverage could be valuable.

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